​​Paver Brick
Super Seal  





1.   D
on't let anyone clean them with muriatic acid or an industrial pressure                               cleaner.

​2.   Don't let anyone seal your pavers with a commercially available sealer!

​3.   Don't let anyone SPRAY on a water-based environmentally-friendly sealer.

​4.   Don't let anyone "take a deposit" from you in order to buy materials.

​5.   Don't let anyone tell you they can give you the same thing as 
Paver BrickSuper Seal  for less money! This is one of those things where
      ​you  get what you pay for!​​​​​​

​​​​Paver BrickSuper Seal   has been sealing paver bricks in Florida's finest communities for over 34 years and has satisfied customers in over 300 communities throughout the state, including Clermont, Windermere, The Villages, Lake Mary, Solivita, Kissimmee, Winter Garden, Mount Dora, Tavares and many others.

Paver bricks are very expensive initially and even more so to replace.  
​Proper Maintenance with a quality oil-based sealer designed for concrete pavers in Florida is a must.  Beware of imitations!​​

​​A substantial part of our business is repairing/stripping and resealing jobs done by others.  ​It is wise to carefully research your selection of both who does your sealing, and the integrity/quality of the sealer they use on your bricks.

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